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 - Flavonoid/Antioxidant

    Nature’s Benadryl – Quercetin

    Quercetin dihydrate (Sophora japonica) ………………………….500 mg

    Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule shell) and Magnesium stearate.

    Flavonoids are a plant-based compound with powerful antioxidant properties.
    Quercetin is a flavonoid (also called a bioflavonoid) that has anti-oxidant, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

    During an allergic reaction, the body releases histamine. Histamine contributes to inflammation, redness and irritation. Research has shown that Quercetin can “turn off” histamine production and suppress, or at least moderate, inflammation. For this reason, many have coined it “Nature’s Benadryl”.

    Furthermore, Quercetin helps suppress cellular activity associated with inflammation. This means less itching!

    It also inhibits the production of specific inflammatory molecules. This is exciting because Quercetin is actually helpful in treating asthma and respiratory issues involving inflammation. Bronchial tubes in the lungs become restricted during an asthma attack (bronchoconstriction). Medical studies show that Quercetin can actually minimize the amount of constriction!

    BONUS: Quercetin Has An Anti-cancer Effect!

    Polyphenols in fruits and vegetables are important in cancer prevention. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Quercetin and flavonoids have been shown to limit cancer cell growth in breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, endometrial and lung tumours.

    Further to this point, our environment is becoming more and more toxic.
    Our pets are susceptible to toxins in the environment and in their food. This outpouring of toxins causes inflammation. If the body is overweight and storing fat, this also causes inflammation. And to make matters worse, a lot of those nasty toxins are stored in fat cells. Cancer thrives off low-grade inflammation. Quercetin to the rescue!

    Studies have linked Quercetin to supporting bone health, weight reduction, addressing heart disease and overall performance. Test tube studies have even shown evidence that Quercetin may protect against the damage caused by bad cholesterol (LDL) and reduce blood pressure (hypertension). Really, you and your four-legged friends can’t go wrong with this mighty flavonoid!

    Supplement safely
    Quercetin can be found in many fruit and vegetables, particularly citrus fruits, apples, grapes, dark cherries, dark berries, onions, and parsley. It also occurs naturally in some teas and red wine. An important note: Onions and grapes may cause TOXIC reactions in pets, therefore do not feed them to your furry friends.

    Using Quercetin
    The dosage for Quercetin supplements is often provided for humans weighing approximately 150 pounds and is around 1000mg.

    Here’s how to convert the dosage for your pet:

    • Take the weight of your pet and multiply it by 1000mg, then divide it by 150 to get the milligram dosage your pet needs.
    • Let’s take my 70-pound Shepherd as an example: (70lb x 1,000mg= 70,000 then divide by 150 = 466 mg).
    • The recommended dosage is 466mg all day. Rounding that to the closest whole number, the dosage for my girl is 500mg per day (best if split in half, meaning one 250mg dosages twice a day).

    Research shows that Quercetin supplementation is generally safe for cats and dogs. Some potential side effects that have been observed in humans include upset stomach and headaches. Very high dosages of Quercetin may be damaging to the kidneys. Experts advise against taking it when one has kidney disease. There is not much known about Quercetin during pregnancy and lactation, therefore it is also advisable not to give it to your pet during these times.

    Like many supplements, Quercetin isn’t meant to be taken on a long-term basis. Give your pet periodic breaks from the supplement, using only as needed. If your pet does have a preexisting condition, is currently on medication, has a planned surgery, or is pregnant, it’s advisable that you talk to your vet before feeding.
    Stop the itch with nature’s Benadryl: Quercetin!

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