Dietary Supplements for Dogs

3P Naturals - Steamed Lamb Bone Meal

100% Ground Steamed Lamb Bone Meal - For use in boneless meat meals. 1 Tbsp (28g) per 454g (1lb) of Meat Learn More


Ark Naturals - Gentle Digest Capsules

Promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Helpful for periodic issues with gas, flatulence, smelly and irregular stools. Helps to aid digestion by breaking down food into nutrients that can... Learn More


Ark Naturals - Happy Traveller Capsules

Natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious pets.Formulated with the highest quality botanicals, Happy Traveler was designed by a holistic veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety... Learn More


Carnivora - Camelina Oil

The Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids in Camelina Oil can benefit your dog in so many ways - starting with a shiny coat and healthy skin! Camelina Oil is high in... Learn More


Carnivora - Cold Water Fish Oil

This cold water fish oil is from wild (not farmed), non GMO sardine and/or anchovy and/or mackerel and is a premium pharmaceutical grade source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It... Learn More


Carnivora - EarthOrigins

Carnivora - EarthOrigins

Supplementation should never make up for a poor diet. Still, a wholesome diet does not necessarily mean that your dog or cat gets the optimal amounts of nutrients needed. The... Learn More



Carnivora - Joint Rejuv

Prescription pain relievers are the chief medical treatment for joint conditions in pets but nearly all of them have side effects and do nothing to halt the advance of arthritis.... Learn More


Carnivora - Miracle Dust

Miracle Dust is an extraordinary drying and packing agent for hot spots. It can also be used as a dressing powder on wounds, cuts and abrasions. Miracle Dust stops bleeding... Learn More
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Carnivora - Omega Blend 3-6-9 Powder

Omega Blend sets a new standard as the first multi-fatty acid supplement for dogs and cats in a convenient powder! Omega Blend provides omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oil,... Learn More