Botanical & Healing Products for Cats

Adored Beast - Anti-Vaccinosis 30ml

Adored Beast - Anti-Vaccinosis 30ml

Assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits. 15 ml liquid. Note: This product will not remove any benefits of vaccines. Consider annual Titer... Learn More



Ark Naturals - Ears All Right - 119ml

Ark Naturals - Ears All Right (Ear care for cleaning/healing) Your floppy-eared-friend will have a much easier time hearing the treat bag open with clean, wax-free ears. Just pour a... Learn More


Black Sheep Organics - Rosemary & Niaouli Organic Ear Wash - 4oz

Black Sheep Organics Rosemary & Niaouli Ear Wash gently cleans wax and dirt from ears. Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, with healing Aloe Vera and organic essential oils, it's also gentle... Learn More


Carnivora - Camelina Oil 250ml / 8oz

Omega 3-6-9 with Vitamin E The Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids in Camelina Oil can benefit your dog in so many ways - starting with a shiny coat and healthy skin!... Learn More


Diggin Firm Up Pumpkin Supplement

Dehydrated Pumpkin! No more cans! No more waste!... just add water. For support of your pet's digestive and immune system.FiRM UP! is made with 100% Pumpkin and Apple Fibre. It quickly and... Learn More


Helios Pet - Stress Relief

Helios Pet - Stress Relief

Helios Pet Stress Relief - VEGAN HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY (NN.H3V5) is a homeopathic preparation to promote normal and relaxed behaviour in cats and dogs. The remedy comes in lactose free, organic... Learn More



Jackson's Naturals - Traumease

Jackson's Pets Traumease for Joints, Muscles, Ligaments, and Tendons: Jackson's Pets Traumease (NN.N5F2) is a homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs for the support of joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.... Learn More


Nature's Gaia - DE Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth for control of external and internal parasites in your dog or cat. Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic, safe substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and... Learn More


Omega Alpha - KidneyTone 500ml

 Kidney Detoxification Formula INGREDIENTS PER 1 TEASPOON (5 mL):
 Crataeva nurvala (Three Leaved Caper)…………………………………100 mg Lysimachia christinae (Christina Loosestrife Herb)…………………100 mg
 Schizandra chinensis (Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit) ………………..100 mg
 Arctostaphylos... Learn More