Nature's Own

Nature's Own - Bully Sticks / Chews 6" or 12"

Bully Sticks The most popular dog treat in the North America is the bully sticks for dogs chew which is one of the most addictive treats out there.  Dogs go... Learn More



Nature's Own - Lamb Ears Chews 8 pack

All-natural lamb ears dogs love. This is a great non-greasy alternative to high-fat pig ears.  This is also a great chew for dogs with beef allergies. These are pasture-raised lamb.  8 Pack... Learn More


Nature's Own - Roo Chew (8" to 9" Tail)

A healthy natural kangaroo tail chew, even for the super aggressive chewer.  The all natural kangaroo tail chew dogs go crazy for directly from Australia  This is an all natural... Learn More


Nature's Own - Dehydrated Kangaroo Lung 227g

Nature's Own - Dehydrated Kangaroo Lung 227g

An all natural Kangaroo Lung for dogs directly from Australia    With no additives, or preservatives these treat pieces are a pleasant low odour chew. They are a sustainable, fully digestible chew... Learn More



Natures Own - Lamb Lung Chew (8oz/ 227g)

Natures Own - Lamb Lung Chew (8oz/ 227g)

All natural lamb lung chew for dogs from pasture raised lamb. This treat is slow baked to perfection and is produced by one of our carefully selected facilities in the USA. The... Learn More