A Small Start

The Best Dog Food, Close to Home

Kerry and Annabelle

In 2008, after watching the community struggle to find their pets the best nutrition, we decided to open Wild at Heart.

Initially it was our own struggle to find the right food for our beloved dog Annabelle, that brought us to the industry.

"It's kind of a funny story," Kerry explains. "We moved out to Maple Ridge and my girl was on raw, because of allergies, and there were no suppliers out here whatsoever. So, I was travelling into Vancouver on a regular basis to pick up food for her, and the company I was buying from – an acquaintance of mine – said, 'You know, we've got some customers out your way, why don’t you just take this out there to them?' So, that is how it started."

It started off pretty quietly as just a small part-time business, and now has grown into Vancouver’s largest on-line Raw Pet Food Delivery company. We are very proud to provide only quality Canadian raw products. We are still small enough to stay in touch with our customers, but offer a huge variety of great products and continue adding items regularly. Customer service and education are our number one priorities.