Raw Meat & Veggie Mixed Meals for Cats

3P Naturals - Basic Instincts™ Mixed Meals Bulk Cases 5/250g

3P Naturals - Loyalty program March 1/21 Buy 12 & get the 13th Case Free! Free product will match the least expensive item purchased All 12 cases must be purchased... Learn More


3P Naturals - Basic Instincts™ Mixed Meals Singles 250g

Sold in convenient single 250 gram packages. See Here for Bulk Savings  Basic Instincts™ Formula with 70% muscle meat, 20% heart (When available) and 10% Liver Rabbit Blend is 90%... Learn More


Carnivora - Beef Dinner Patties

Beef Dinners differ from the Beef Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Lower in protein than some of the other whole animal diets. Pasture raised beef is lower in polyunsaturated... Learn More


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Carnivora - Chicken Dinner Patties

Chicken Dinners differ from the Chicken Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Chicken is one of the most popular raw diets, often based on price. Compared to other... Learn More


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Carnivora - Pixies Variety Bulk Box 20lb

Pixies Variety Box Yeah! variety all in one neat and convenient box!! Variety is essential for a good balance of vitamins and minerals.  Each 2lb Bag, includes 16 - 2oz patties of... Learn More
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Carnivora - Pork Dinner Patties

Pork Dinners differ from the Pork Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Pork Dinner by Carnivora follows a whole animal prey model, meaning this meal gives your dog a... Learn More


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Carnivora - Turkey Dinner Patties

Turkey Dinners differ from the Turkey Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Carnivora Whole Animal Turkey Diet and Dinner are high in protein and lower in fat than most red proteins.... Learn More


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Carnivora DINNER - Mixed Bulk Special

Carnivora DINNER 32lb box  Here is your chance to try them all!Each 4lb sleeve, includes 8 - 8oz patties of the following: 2 - Chicken with Veggie & Fruit 2 -... Learn More
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Club Feline - Meals for Cats 10x200g

Ingredients: 90% meat, with heart and liver, ground, 10% raw ground veggies, free range eggs, yogurt, kelp, salmon oil, bee pollen. (Chicken, Turkey & Salmon are all natural bone-in) 50%... Learn More