Noah's Ark - Taurine 175g


Brand: Noah's Ark Pet Treats

  • Product Description

    Taurine is and essential amino acid playing a major roll in nerve and cell function.

    It is abundant in the brain, the eye (especially the retina), muscle tissue, and many organs. It is an essential component of bile acids, which are produced in the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and used to break down fats from food.

    Taurine is found almost exclusively in meat and seafood. The harder the muscle works, the more taurine it contains.

    Taurine, a sulfur-bearing amino acid, is intended to provide nutritive support for normal, healthy cardiac and nervous system function.

    Most mammals produce their own taurine from precursors. (The notable exception is cats, who must consume taurine in their diet.) The first step involves the sulfur-containing essential amino acid methionine, which is used to make another amino acid, cysteine (also spelled "cystine"). Finally, taurine is made from cysteine.

    Benifits of Taurine for cats and dogs.

    1) Healthy Heart Function 

    Cats being true carnivores can not sythesize taurine and that is why they need meat in thier diets also some breeds of dogs are predisposed to heart desease and that is why there is a need for taurine supplementation as a preventive measure.

    2) Healty Eyesight

    Taurine is essential to mainain healthy eyesight. Without it, the retinals may deteriorate. 

    3) Supports Brain Health

    Taurine helps regenerate brain cells. "it plays a critical nutritional role in brain celll growth, differentiation and develpment," according to a study published in Molecular Medicine Reports

    4) Supports Reproductive Health

    In cats  a lack of taurine may lead to reproductive complications like reproductive failure or poor growth in kittens.

    5} Immune System Support

    Taurine protects tissues from oxidative stress assocaited with the pathology of various inflammatory disease. The fundimental role of taurine in the immune system is related to its antioxidant properties.

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