Katie's Place - A Helping Hand for Diabetic Cats

Katie's Place - A Helping Hand for Diabetic Cats

We are so very excited!!!

Wild At Heart has now set up a Mix & Match Donation to help create and maintain a "Kibble Free Zone" at Katie's Place. This in turn will help educate potential adopters as to the huge benefits of a raw diet as well as get these kitties homes.

What is Katie's Place?

Katie’s Place is a volunteer-run nonprofit animal shelter in Maple Ridge B.C. They rescue and nurture small animals, adopting out those that they can and providing permanent sanctuary for the rest. The shelter is named after the cat who was its first resident and the rightful owner of the barn where it all began. Katie’s Place houses up to 125 cats with separate enclosures for new or convalescent cats and for the FIV/FeLV+ residents — who still hope for loving homes of their own.

For More information please visit their website directly. Katie's Place

Why a Kibble Free Zone?

Diabetic Cats.... Nobody Wants

They languish in shelter for years unless something is done.

A biologically appropriate diet for carnivorous cats is an absolute necessity to obtain the best glycemic control, weight control and the best chance of diabetic remission. When fed a proper diet, up to 90% of newly diagnosed diabetic cats may become non-diabetic and stay that way. **

** J Rand, "Feline Diabetes Mellitus: Pathogenesis and principles of Therapy," Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference, 2007, 375-377.

 Watch here to see the totals grow!! 

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Anonymous on 15 Aug 11:48

I can vouch for a raw, whole prey, carnivorous diet as a means of reversing diabetes in cats! My cat Rufus became an insulin-dependent diabetic at the age of 10. When he was 13 I switched him to raw and within 2 weeks he was off of insulin, healthier and happier than ever! He lived another 3 years in great health. I just wish I had known sooner, I am sure he would have lived much longer if I had switched him earlier in his life.

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