Sweetie serves Adrenaline for Breakfast

Sweetie serves Adrenaline for Breakfast

Wow, I am surely awake now!! 

This morning as I stumbled around half awake,  trying to find leashes to take everyone out for their morning break. Sweetie made a bolt out the back door! . Running like the wind all around the back yard, and then, into the forest! I stand stunned, dropping Kanes’ leash as my mind whirled with the thoughts of how she would be gone for ever, and that I would have to call PetSearchers… How was I going to live with her out there alone? Now I had Kane running loose as well!  I cursed the fencing company for not installing until the new year.

Finally my brain kickes in and I search frantically for treat she likes. (We have just moved and nothing is where it is suppose to be). Finally found, I started calling “Treats” and shaking the bag…. much to my surprise and joy, Sweetie comes running. I tossed treats inside the door….  but, there was no way she was going to come back in the back door on her own.

Back out I go, with her dancing around looking for treats…. crouching down, I offer.  She stretches her neck as far as she can without getting caught and grabs it… I offer more, and more. Kane has now finally surfaced with his leash dragging behind him, he wants in on the action. Thinking that if I get Kane in, she might follow but, no go. She just stands on the side lines watching the action, looking for more treats. With Kane now securely inside, I crouch again and offer…  she is relaxing a bit now and enjoying herself.

We have practiced collar grabs & treats in the past. When I worked on this, it was with the random thought that if there was an emergency I would be able to get hold of her.  I have never been so happy with a random training excise in my life…. She allows me to scratch under her chin while she enjoys her treats.  Calmly I get ahold of her collar… she is not please, but continues to enjoy her treats. She has been wearing her RuffWear harness since the move and I am now able to reach the handle on the back… She is truly pissed , but allows me to direct her back in the house where she runs and jumps up on the couch. I follow and give her the rest of the bag, telling her how good she is… then kisses on the nose for good measure!

I will have to work more with her outside in future. Can someone pour me coffee now?? 

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