Happy Clicking & Catfish!

Happy Clicking & Catfish!

We have been getting into a better routine and Sweetie is starting to settle down quite a bit. She no longer spends her days curled in a tight little ball, but now lays out more relaxed, occasionally sitting up and looking around =)

Stephanie from Allstar K9 Training was out last night for our 1st training session. Stephanie has a dog of her own (a failed foster =) also from a hoarding situation. She was able to give us some wonderful direction, and some great clicker training ideas. After our 1st session we are already seeing improvement. She is still very shy and scared but showing some interest in us and treats.

Considering Sweetie has now only been with us for 2 week, she has made considerable progress….  She will now eat with us in the same room, take some treats from my hand and gets a bit excited over all the different goodies she gets. Her favorite by far, has been the Dehydrated Catfish!! This has even elicited a tail wag, not a big one… but it was really exciting to see!!

Since her arrival, she has been eating Honest Kitchen Embark (Turkey) we thought that the Tryptophan would help to keep her a bit more calm. John now thinks that her diet is pretty boring… lol (he has been feeding raw for too long =). With that said, as of this evening we will be introducing her to raw Beef and Chicken, such a lucky girl.  With her potty issue now some what under control, and feeding the 2 other dogs (Annabelle & Kane) life will get, just a little easier.

PS: We have given her numerous blankets and beds to sleep on… She will have no part of them, and insists on sleeping on the hard floor =( Silly girl doesn't realize she may have hit the jackpot!

Slow and Steady wins the race.

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