Standing Still… In a thunder storm

Standing Still… In a thunder storm

So a week has passed, for some reason it seems much longer. We learn more everyday, yesterday, we found out she is not afraid of thunder storms, which led us to testing her hearing =) Yup, all is good. While Kane and Annabelle shook and quaked, she calmly lay under the table snoozing =)

We already have had so many ups and downs, I wish it was more ups. Everything I have read tells me there will be lots of disappointment as well as joy. I have already asked myself a few times if I am the best person to work with her, maybe there is someone with more knowledge and skills. Her life is in the balance and with every down, I worry more. Don't get me wrong, of coarse there have been a few ups, she has wagged her tail once and taken a treat from my hand once as well.

We still do not have the potty training issue under control and I spend a good amount of time cleaning. I would like to allow her in our backyard but what seemed like a good space, on review has a lot issues. We have 6ft fences all around but way too many places she can jam herself into to hide. The stress of trying to get her out will be too much and I could not leave her out there indefinitely as I do not believe she would come in.

I think maybe I expected too much from both of us, so this next week we will just slow down a bit, work on more trust building exercises.

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