Cha, cha, cha... May I have this dance

Cha, cha, cha... May I have this dance

One step forward -
Yeah, we ate out of our bowl, outside the crate. Granted it was just… outside the crate, she didn't have to leave her safety zone by much.

One step sideways - sort of or maybe backwards -
Now the potty thing…..  so I have it all set up for her, and she gingerly leaves the crate and goes straight for it…. Yes, I am encouraging her the whole way, but no.  She is no longer terrified enough to pee. So now what do I do??? There she lays uncomfortably under the kitchen table on the piddle pads =(  I do not dare try to take her outside, this will undo everything that we have done…. so we can only wait. It breaks my heart and is one of my biggest worries todate.

I have been reminded (Thanks Maureen) and have dug out my book on calming signals… I am sure there is plenty I have forgotten. My jaw is already sore from yawning and my lips are chapped =) I have a lot more reading to do but there really isn't much I can find.  Kane I have noticed, is very very good at giving out calming signals… He has them all down pat, such a good boy, he checks on her regularly but doesn't approach too closely…. I know, that honestly he really, really wants that stuffed lion.

Stress, although we all need it in our lives to motivate us, too much of a good thing is bad. Everything I read gives list of stress signal, and she shows next to none. Now my question is: Is it a good thing or bad?  I have read about ‘tonic immobility’ where they seem ‘calm’.  Now I will have to read up more on this. Anyone else have any ideas on good reading material.

She is now back in her crate and breathing heavily… for no reason that I can see. More bad dreams I think. I can not wait for the day, when I will be able to gently stroke her and chase them away.

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