Cruel and unusual punishment....

Cruel and unusual punishment....

So, at what point do I stop catering to your every need? I know your hungry, and I gently place you bowl in your crate right next to you. You pretty much inhale it as soon as I step away.

So, again tomorrow I will place your bowl outside of your crate… for how long do I wait? 1 hour - 2 hours or do I push it and leave it until you get up and eat it? Are you thirsty? Your bowl is just a foot away, outside your crate… Nothing will get you, please try.

Tomorrows project will be Washroom breaks… we REALLY need to get this one settled once and for all, I know the carpets are well worn and look like crap but PLEASE...

There are so many things we all take for granted, and washroom breaks was something I hadn't even thought of. She is so terrified that she just holds it forever... I then have to encourage her to find a new hiding place, and in her horror..... she goes, and goes, and goes, this just happens to be down the heat vent in the kitchen!  John is sooo looking forward to coming home and going down into the crawl space.... lol. Stacked piddle pads is the plan for tomorrow.

I spend a great deal of time thinking of her past, what might have been... So very many questions.  I have promised her, I will do my very best to ensure she will never go without love and attention again.

I remain the optimist… one step forward and one step backward is not disaster, it is more just like dancing, and we are new partners =)

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