A Stuffed Lion for Sweetie

A Stuffed Lion for Sweetie

I am painfully aware she doesn't equate it to something to play with or cuddle. Courage, the courage of a lion, to help her feel safe. Maybe one day she will glean strength from it, but for now it is just there, for her.

We had a bit of a set back today… while moving to clean her crate she panicked. She took off like a wild animal racing around the house. Of course it scared the crap out of me and I panicked as well, worried she would hurt herself. Finally, I was finally able to scoop her up and carry her to her crate. We have had a quiet night and all is fairly well, she has had some bad dreams and is breathing very rapidly. I feel so helpless.

She now allows me to cuddle her ears without ducking, and she is enjoying her treats… but still not from my hand.

I have been doing a lot of reading, some information for you:

There are approximately 250,000 reported animals that are victims of animal hoarding every year. However, there are many cases that go unreported.

The consequences for hoarded animals vary in each case depending on how long the behavior remains undiscovered. In some cases, there are few visible signs of animal suffering, though animals suffer from lack of exercise, the stress of chronic confinement, crowding, fear and lack of socialization. Physical signs of suffering include weight loss, poor hair coat and parasites. As conditions deteriorate and animals accumulate, ammonia levels increase from feces and urine, and infectious diseases spread. Additionally, injuries, illnesses and starvation may begin to set in.

“Although the case of a dog being violently killed is shocking, in animal hoarding cases the suffering can be felt by hundreds of animals for months and months on end,” said Randall Lockwood, Ph.D.


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