Sweetie... A rescue and foster

Sweetie... A rescue and foster

So I believe the phrase is "Let sleeping dogs lie".

In this case maybe not…. Meet Sweetie.
Her problem is that, that is probably just what has happened. She is a hoarder rescue. She is approximately 2 years old, and may never have been socialized.

She has the sweetest face and you just want to hold and cuddle her trying, to reassure her that everything will be okay now. What scares me most of all is… that it may never be. She is terrified of everything, and most of all me.

The picture is bad as I have to take it from the other side of the room, as to not disturb her.

For now she is cuddled in her open crate listening to "Through a Dogs Ear". I occasionally get up and offer her a treat. She will not accept one from me. She just stares down at the bottom of her crate… You can see she can smell them though. After a few minutes, I leave the treat and watch from across the room, as she gingerly reaches for it. Maybe tomorrow…. or maybe the next.

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