News, News, News......

News, News, News......

Shipping and Deliveries:
Okay so the shipping rates are now all in place… Here is a lovely new map of the lower mainland. It contains all of the zones and rates. It was a lot of work and we hope we have everything correct but as most things needs a bit of tweaking now and then, just let us know. We seriously need your input,  please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts… This whole website has been built with you in mind!!

We are also excited to offer "Free Shipping" to all Shut In's:
What exactly does this mean? If you are stuck home ill or disabled, and unable to take the bus or drive? Just let us know and we can set you account up for "Free Shipping" this can be just until you are back on your feet again or forever, if that is what is needed. =)

Product Pricing:
Have you noticed? 3P Naturals have made some major changes and have been able to decrease, (yup I said, decrease) a lot of the pricing on the most common items. The Natural Lamb price is so low now that they will no longer be carrying the Grade A Lamb for dogs. (This will still be available for cats though.)

More New Products Coming….

Keep your eyes on the new products!! When you have a moment drop us a line and let us know if there
is something that would make your life easier…

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