Raw Pet Food - Myth Busting

Raw Pet Food - Myth Busting

It’s Expensive.
Wrong! Feeding a raw diet doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a used freezer and buy monthly or bulk! You do not need to feed Venison & Beef everyday. There are lots of proteins that are more cost effective and can be alternated with the more expensive products. If fed properly, (we suggest a minimum of 4 proteins per month) you can phase out supplements which can be a big expense. The biggest savings is not having to go to the vet as much. In fact, we seldom go to the vet.  We see wonderful holistic vets “occasionally” and talk about how food is medicine and feeding it takes care of the usual everyday visits to the vet (i.e. runny eyes, skin allergies, ear infections, dentals.)

It’s Messy.
Not True. There are so many options now in raw pet food diets that it can be very easy and clean.
Small packages and individual serving sizes help a lot, but personally my dogs eat in their spots and a quick wipe down with vinegar does the trick… No Muss, No Fuss. With bones etc, if it is nice outside, they enjoy them on the lawn. During inclement weather they have bone mats… and when those come out, watch out. I can hardly get them down before the dogs are dancing on them. Surprisingly it was very easy to teach them that, off the mat means no bones! Smaller dogs can be confined to their crates (dens) and I know some that actually feed them in the bath tub.
Then there is the yard clean up, you are forgetting about. Those big nasty kibble poos will be gone. A little bit of training, ingenuity and thought and raw feeding is definitely no more messier than kibble.

It’s Inconvenient.
False.  We make it easy with online ordering, the option to duplicate orders or just let us handle a standing order! We can set up reminders and then just deliver directly to your door.
In addition, if you are traveling the options are abundant. We carry a large number of freeze dried and dehydrated pet foods as well.  

It’s Dangerous.
Not True! Animals in the wild have been eating raw food for thousands of years. Our current day pets, might look a little different but, physiologically their digestion system is the same. Their bodies are designed to take the nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and use them.  When feeding a raw diet what you find in the yard will be smaller and can be white from the bone. All the food will be utilized, as it should be and will not come out the other end unused.  Use common sense when preparing the meals. Wash your hands and counters the same as you would if you were preparing meat for your family. I use hot water, and vinegar and wipe down everything fully.  I only use stainless steel or glass dishes which I pop into the dish washer.

These are just a few myths, but some of the most common. Still not convinced?? Here is a link to dozens of more myths about feeding raw. Take a look!

What have you heard about the raw food diet for dogs that makes you hesitant to make the switch?  

If you feed your pets raw food, what has been your experience? Got any good tips or tricks? Let us know, your comments and thoughts are always of value.

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