Hacked!! - Wow

Hacked!! - Wow

Well, as most of you may be aware, our MailChimp account was hacked this morning. As well as our list, they imported 1000's of additional email addresses from around the world.

Although this was extremely stressful for us, it has reminded us that there is still a lot of very good people in this world.  Out of 100's and 100's of emails, facebook posts, messenger messages, and phone calls we received, the majority of these were just out of concern, to let us know, and offer support..  Some of whom we have not spoken to in years, some very funny... and some just a little pissed we weren't really sending them money. =)

If you did reach out to let us know, we have done our best to respond to as many as we could but, may have missed a few. 

To each and every one of you wonderful people, we send a very heartfelt Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please rest assured our website is secure, and that no financial information is ever held by us. MailChimp has shut down our account and we are waiting to hear back from them.



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