Cranimals Pure Clean 650ml


Brand: Cranimals

  • Product Description

    Cleaner, Deodorizer & Sanitizer

    Cranimals Pure Clean 3-in-1 is a 100% natural, lab tested, sanitizer, cleaner and deodorizer. It can  even be sprayed directly on pets. The water based, scent free standardized berry extract contains numerous antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, phlobatannins, alkaloids, glycosides, and terpenoids, polysaccharides, peptides and enzymes. Third party lab tested in a standardized pathogen challenge test to kill even the hardiest bacteria such as Pseudomonas, E.Coli, Staphylococcus and the common Candida fungi infecting the skin and ears of for example, dogs. Excellent cleaner and deodorizer even for hard to remove smells like skunk.

    100% natural - Water based - scent free- kills 99% bacteria- safe to use even around the most sensitive pets & children – can be sprayed directly onto pets – does not promote antibiotic resistance – lab tested – ideal for use on household surfaces, in kennels, in groomers/veterinary facilities, in cat litter boxes, on pet clothes, leashes, collars and more.

    How does it work ?

    Disinfection: The natural enzymes contained in Cranimals Pure Clean break down the protein coatings of bacteria, fungi and susceptible viruses, stopping their replication. In lab tests Cranimals Pure Clean achieves a more than >99 % kill rate (see Fig.1). Cranimals Pure clean is 100% safe to use around children, pets, seniors, birds and other small animals. It is just as effective and sometime more so, than common brands of chemical disinfectants that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. The World Health Organization has declared that antibiotic resistant bacteria due to overuse of synthetic drugs and chemicals is a global health emergency. Cranimals Pure Clean is a 100% natural alternative that kills pathogens without the risk of antibiotic resistance, and is safe for direct application onto pets, and contact with human skin.

    Odour reduction and cleaning: Most odours are caused by decomposition of lipids (fats) or carbohydrates found in organic matter (i.e. foods, human sweat, skin from humans and pet, as well as their fecal matter and urine). Bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, staphylococcus, pseudomonas etc., break down this organic matter, and volatile (i.e. smelly) compounds containing sulphur, ammonia and alcohols (e.g. thioalcohols) are released. Cranimals Pure Clean works by actually killing the offending bacteria. Other “natural” products simply mask the smell with essential oils or synthetic fragrances, and are not true disinfectants. Where odours arise from synthetic chemicals, the polysaccharides in Cranimals Pure Clean, chemically bind (chelate) the odour causing compounds, changing their chemical structures and consequently, Cranimals Pure Clean can even neutralize many synthetic odours. For the same reason Cranimals Pure Clean is also effective at removing skunk and other offending natural odours.

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