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    Hokamix is a unique, all natural herbal supplement that is made up of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, proteins, sugars, carbohydrates and other nutrients that occur naturally from the herbs contained within Hokamix. It contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It should be noted that the pharmacological effect of the use of natural vitamins cannot be compared to the effects produced by the addition of synthetic vitamins as natural vitamins produce few, if any, side effects, benefits last longer and their action on the metabolism is much less severe. And because nature has produced them, they are balanced and easily assimilated.

    All carnivores including dogs and cats, whose prey are usually herbivores, instinctively consume the intestines and their contents first, before consuming the remainder of the animal. Wild animals are not plagued by the diseases that plague our domesticated pets. Hokamix feels this proves conclusively that the botanical contents of the prey's intestines are a nutritional necessity for good health and that domesticated carnivores need an additional supply of plants and plant extracts to satisfy all their nutritional requirements and reach their full health potential. However, pets are confined to kennel runs, small yards or kept indoors and do not have access to these plants. These animals rely on humans to put the nutrients from the plants in their diet. The domestication of dogs and cats and the use of unnatural, over-processed, chemically enhanced commercial feeds has created many problems for the dog and cat which Hokamix helps rectify.

    Hokamix is a special blend of herbs that helps the body rid itself of toxins and strengthens the body so it can heal itself. It is a biological phyto-therapeutic food additive which increases gut flora and restores the metabolism to a healthy state. It improves the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients and acts as a catalyst in the removal of toxic substances from the body. Your pet becomes more energetic, builds up a stronger immune system and is better able to cope with disorders. Some of the problem areas in which Hokamix will help are; allergies: rashes disappear, itching decreases, scaly skin recovers, and open wounds heal more quickly; coat and skin: continuous shedding ceases (also, the shedding period will be shorter), a thin coat will fill out, and a dull coat will regain its luster; bones and muscles: ligaments and tendons are strengthened and HD symptoms disappear in older dogs and are prevented in younger dogs; and general health improves by regulating hormonal levels, thyroid, fertility disorders and other problems are improved.

    It is important to feed a clean, wholesome diet. Many physical problems of pets can be traced back to a poor or insufficient diet. Your pet's digestive system is designed to process food which has a moisture content of 80-90%. Hard, dry kibble by itself, therefore, is not recommended. The addition of moist food is beneficial or the kibble should be wetted (broth, etc) and the liquid allowed to absorb into the food before feeding, then add Hokamix. Hokamix adheres to the moist/moistened food and the animal digests their food better because the digestive enzymes do not have to work so hard to break down the food.

    Hokamix should be given to pets of all ages. When first starting out with Hokamix it is necessary that you work up to the recommended dosages by gradually increasing the amount included in the food over a 1-2 week period, or adjust to bowel tolerance. Bowel tolerance should be observed and the dosage stopped at the level that does not produce loose stool/diarrhea. After a period of adjustment increase the dosage slowly to as much as the dog will tolerate or eat (or to the maximum suggested dose). The normal daily dosage of Hokamix is one scoop (a 5 gram scoop is included) per 10 lbs of body weight up to a maximum of three scoops per day. For cats, 1/2 - 3/4 of a scoop per day is sufficient depending on their size (with 1/2 scoop being the norm). It is best to divide the dose between two daily feedings.

    For dogs that have severe problems (eg. severe arthritis, hip dysplasia, allergies), the dosage should be doubled for the first six weeks then returned to the normal dosage. Do not double the dose for cats! After the first 6-8 months, it is recommended that every 3-4 months afterwards take your pet off Hokamix for 3-5 days and then continue with your normal dosage. This will allow the herbs to work more effectively and provide for a continued therapeutic response.

    Do not expect instant results. Improvements usually become apparent after 3-6 weeks of constant use. The whole of your pets system has to readjust and each condition may take a different length of time to improve. After the administration of Hokamix, a cleaning up process of the stomach and the intestine takes place during the initial seven days. This is noticeable because some dogs suffer from flatulence or diarrhea. Hokamix states that this should not worry you as it is a passing phase. These symptoms are evident, more or less, depending on the good or bad functioning of the intestinal and stomach flora. Within three weeks the dog may lose more of its hair, but this condition will gradually improve.

    Due to the cleaning up of the stomach and intestines less toxins (poisons) develop during the food digestion process. In addition, the liver gets rid of these toxins and is reactivated. After the cleaning up period the proper metabolism commences. On the basis of the now recuperated stomach and intestinal flora, all nutrients and elementary substances required by the body are absorbed during the digestive process and employed to replenish any shortages. This brings about the end of many types of deficiency based disorder. When this process is completed the toxins in the blood are carried off via the liver in the normal way and organs and skin can function properly again.

    Note: Hokamix 30 is now designated for the USA as Hokamix 25. FDA required this change on the label for identification when importing the product into the USA.

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