Noah's Ark - Raw Goat Tripe 2lb


Brand: Noah's Ark Pet Treats

  • Product Description

    Tripe is loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics benifical for skin and coat, cellular and regeneration functions.

    Perfectly packaged in 8 x 4oz biodegradable cups.

    Unlike the tripe most are familiar seeing at the supermarket or their local butcher, “green” (or “dirty”) tripe is a tripe in an unprocessed raw natural state. Grocery store bland white tripe, which is usually only the honeycomb type, has been bleached, scalded, and sterilized prior to ever making it to the store shelf. Unfortunately for our canine friends, this processing kills off all the goodness they get from it.

So what is Tripe? Tripe is the stomach organ found in ruminant animals – those that graze on vegetation and require multiple stomachs to break down and digest their food. Sheep, cattle, venison and bison, would be considered ruminants. In a cow, the most readily available type of tripe here in Ontario, there are four separate stomach compartments or chambers (the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and the abomasum) each of which play a particular role in their digestion of foods. A solitary cow tripe can weigh anywhere from 30lb to 100lb.

    Tripe is considered relatively “new” in North America, however, it has long been a staple for dogs in other parts of the world, especially Europe and Eurasia. Breeders and owners in Europe have had a long history with tripe, and the product is considered an important part of each meal – when combined with a balanced raw food diet of meats, bone, and organ.
From some of the reports, you’d think that tripe was over exaggerated as the wonder-food-cure-all-miracle-substance, however, there is an overwhelming consensus from breeders and owners that their pets experienced general over-all health improvement, reduced skin problems, shinier coats, better teeth, stronger muscles and better digestion (including reduction of digestive disorders).

    What makes tripe so good? Well, there are a few notable items. First, tripe has a calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1:1, which is great for dogs. It has a relatively low fat content, along with good amounts of essential fatty acids. Potassium, vitamins, magnesium, are all components to tripe and beneficial to our furry friends. And beyond the chemical compositions of tripe, the food contains good amounts of lactobacillus acidophilus which we’re likely all aware of thanks to yogurt commercials as being a pro-biotic and aides in digestion

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