Carnivora - Lamb Diet Patties

The Carnivora Whole Animal Lamb diet has moderate to high in fat levels. It is an economical protein source for rotation in the dog’s diet. Lamb is rich in easily... Learn More


Carnivora - Pork Diet Patties

Commonly pork has been referred to as "the Other white meat" in fact, pork is actually considered a red meat. This is because all cloven-hoofed animals, like pigs, are classified... Learn More


Carnivora - Pork Dinner Patties

Pork Dinners differ from the Pork Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Pork Dinner by Carnivora follows a whole animal prey model, meaning this meal gives your dog a... Learn More


Carnivora - Rabbit Diet Patties

Both dogs and cats enjoy the delicate flavor of the Carnivora Whole Animal Rabbit. It is one of Nature's great food animals. Rabbits produce whitish meat that is fine-grained, high... Learn More


Carnivora - Trout (Steelhead) Diet Patties

Fresh Water Steelhead is a member of the salmon family. This light-tasting fish is a very healthy choice and a great addition to feeding variety in your pet’s diet! It... Learn More


Carnivora - Turkey Diet Patties

Carnivora Whole Animal Turkey Diet and Dinner are high in protein and lower in fat than most red proteins. It provides a rich source of iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium  and... Learn More


Carnivora - Turkey Dinner Patties

Turkey Dinners differ from the Turkey Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Carnivora Whole Animal Turkey Diet and Dinner are high in protein and lower in fat than most red proteins.... Learn More


Carnivora - Veggie & Fruit Patties

Vegetables and Fruit included: Finely ground romaine lettuceLoose-leaf lettuceBok choyCeleryCarrotsApplesPearsBlueberries A great source of vitamins and dietary fiber.  4lbs/8 - 8oz patties per package Suggested serving amounts: Moderate includes Puppies... Learn More


Carnivora Diet - Chicken Meaty Bone

For supplemental feeding only. Carnivora buys a variety of live livestock directly from small-scale producers. The animals they choose must be healthy, disease-free and raised following natural management and feeding practices... Learn More