Raw Cat Food

Carnivora - Beef Offal Patties

Beef offal is harvested from animals farm raised naturally. It offers a nutrient-dense source of protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids. It's Mother Nature's supplement! Offal is valuable food for any... Learn More


Carnivora - Chicken Diet Patties

Chicken is one of the most popular raw diets, often based on price. Compared to other whole animal diets, it is not as nutritious. Chicken (Goose and Duck) store most... Learn More


Carnivora - Chicken Dinner Patties

Chicken Dinners differ from the Chicken Diets because they contain 5% vegetables and fruit. Chicken is one of the most popular raw diets, often based on price. Compared to other... Learn More


Carnivora - Duck Diet Patties

Like other meats, duck is an excellent source of high quality protein containing a well-balanced array of amino acids. Duck also contains generous amounts of iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium,... Learn More


Carnivora - Goat Diet Patties

Goat is the most widely consumed red meat in the world while comprising of 63% of all red meat consumed in the world. It also leaves a very small environmental... Learn More


Carnivora - Green Beef Tripe Patties

Carnivora's Green Tripe is amongst the most prized on the market. As expected it is smelly and green and our our pets love the stuff even if we can't stand... Learn More


Carnivora - Lamb Diet Patties

The Carnivora Whole Animal Lamb diet has moderate to high in fat levels. It is an economical protein source for rotation in the dog’s diet. Lamb is rich in easily... Learn More


Carnivora - Llama Diet Patties

Camelids, including llama, are not true ruminants. They have three instead of four stomach compartments. Llamas are raised for wool, meat and hides, and sometimes used for carrying loads. Recently,... Learn More


Carnivora - Pork Diet Patties

Commonly pork has been referred to as "the Other white meat" in fact, pork is actually considered a red meat. This is because all cloven-hoofed animals, like pigs, are classified... Learn More