New Raw Pet Food Products

IrRAWsistible - Bone-In Chicken Mini Patties for CATS 1.7kg

Bone-in chicken mini patties for cats, 32 per pouch. Each patty is 52g, for a total weight of 1.7kg per pouch. Packaged in a stand-up pouch.  ingredients: Antibiotic-free Chicken (with... Learn More


Black Sheep Organics - Rosemary & Niaouli Organic Ear Wash - 4oz

Black Sheep Organics Rosemary & Niaouli Ear Wash gently cleans wax and dirt from ears. Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, with healing Aloe Vera and organic essential oils, it's also gentle... Learn More


Ark Naturals - Ears All Right - 119ml

Ark Naturals - Ears All Right (Ear care for cleaning/healing) Your floppy-eared-friend will have a much easier time hearing the treat bag open with clean, wax-free ears. Just pour a... Learn More


IrRAWsistible - Turkey Necks

Canadian federally inspected organic human-grade meat, packaged in B.C. Approx weight: 1.1kg per package. 4-6 Necks per package as an average.   Learn More


Northwest Natural Raw Rewards - Freeze Dried Chicken Necks

Freeze dried single protein treat Uses high-quality ingredient - chicken necks Freeze dried using high-pressure processing - takes out the moisture and locks in the nutrients and flavour Easy to... Learn More


KONG Wobbler™ for Cats

The KONG Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation for the household cat. With its entertaining wobbler action, the KONG Cat Wobbler makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing... Learn More


Nature's Logic Beef Lung Steak

Beef Lung Steak Treat Made from only all-natural, Midwest beef sources and cattle graded USDA Prime. Great for carnivore appropriate recreational chewing and for promoting good dental hygiene. Made in... Learn More