7 months, lots of Stress then... Party Tricks!!

7 months, lots of Stress then... Party Tricks!!

Finally and update! Miss Sweetie has been busy!! … Still skittish, but now running and playing, almost like a normal dog… for moments throughout the day.

I am baking at least once per week to keep up with her constant demand for good treats =) and our good customer Maureen has been baking, testing and passing on some great recipes to keep her interested.

She really loves her training sessions and is always up for a challenge. She is very quick to catch on and is gaining confidence daily. Stephanie from Allstars K9 Training and I have been playing around with a bunch of little things like touches, stretches and reaches but wanted something more challenging for her. I had tried this with Kane. It really took him a while to figure it out, so we were not too hopeful … SURPRISE!! We actually had to try very hard not to laugh or cry, we were so surprised and excited. She had this down pat in seconds!.

Note: Yes, she is covered in mud…5 minutes before this she had a good race with Kane in the back yard.


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